sexta-feira, março 19, 2010

Como cá, as notícias positivas não vendem jornais

Recebido dos EUA, por mail:

"It does not surprise me that there are positive stories to be told. But do they sell newspapers?
My feelings about this are that the last twenty five years have been very good for the right. In comparison the gains, if any, achieved by the left were insignificant. I do not think that in any other period in history there was such an asymmetrical concentration of economic and political power as it exists today. The richest person in the world is ...a Mexican. There are more than twenty billionaires in China and Moscow has more of them than any other city outside Russia. Bill Gates and Larry Allison, combined, have more money than the bottom 60% of the population. When you have so much to loose you fight hard, and by any means, to keep it.
The right has a plan and it is implementing it.
What you are experiencing with the press in Portugal is part of it.
The left is asleep at the switch, happy to be reactive.
As I suspected the pro-Israel lobby is on the attack, blaming everything on Palestinian intransigence and violence. Give it another week and they will be bombing Gaza again."

Nota: Claro como água e até parece que vive no Barreiro, este nosso leitor!

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