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O medo, essa arma dos políticos anti-política e fundamentalistas religiosos

Ainda as "comunicações ao País" pela boca de Cavaco, e pelas de outros ditos "comentadores muito independentes"
Não é por acaso que os media, propriedade dos poderosos, difundem o medo juntamento com o desprezo, que querem fazer-nos crer, nutrem pela política e pelos políticos.
Temos por cá exemplos diários e altamente colocados de tais espécimes.
De um nosso leitor dos EUA recebemos este texto imperdível:
"The Elections"
Several academic studies have demonstrated that there is a strong correlation between political leanings and fear. Right wingers have a lot more of it than liberals. People who are constantly afraid are very easily manipulated because they think with the primitive (lizard) part of the brain. Consequently, motivating pre-historical, visceral reactions to problems has been a very successful way for the elites to influence public opinion in any direction they find profitable to them. That is why ordinary people act against their own interest and support policies that only benefit billionaires. You cannot imagine the mind boggling amount of fear mongering, lies and misinformation that floated around this election campaign.

Due to generations of brainwashing most Americans are politically right of center, regardless of their socio-economic status. Their minds are not capable of imagining solutions that are not rooted in a past (circa 18th. century), that in reality never existed, but that is always referred to as the good old times. Since the ideas of the Enlightenment (i.e. using your brain to reason) never took hold in this country, they fall prey to any demagogue with a message of individual freedom, small government and universal gun ownership. If to this you add a view that urban society is something to feared, because it is where “the others” live and new/uncomfortable ideas come from, you get a very poisoned environment where violence and intolerance are always poised to pounce on those least able to defend themselves. The bogeymen in this election were Mexicans (poor ones), socialism and Obama (because he is black) – not Wall Street, banks or other assorted crooks in the private sector. The election cost over 3 billion dollars and on the republican side the financing come mainly from an hand full of multi-millionaires, oil, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. We all know the interests they defend.

Depending on what develops in the next couple years the future of this country has the potential of becoming very murky.

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