terça-feira, abril 15, 2008

The Vatican States of America

O Papa visita a América em completo desalinho, em guerra, à beira de um desastre económico e a discutir qual o candidato mais próximo de Deus e das armas para novo presidente.
O insuspeito American Spectator diz desta visita :
"...Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. The Corinthians sound remarkably American. And as you survey the Mainstream Media (MSM) coverage about Pope Benedict, who is visiting America this week, what comes through again and again is that much of the MSM is already weary of hearing what it has never yet heard.Many come to bury Benedict, not to praise him, let alone listen to him. Their minds are made up. Like the Far Side cartoon about what we say and what dogs hear, much of the press coverage will consist of TV spots which will consist pretty much of regurgitations of The American Media Narrative on Benedict: "Benedict blah blah blah Hitler Youth blah blah blah God's Rottweiler blah blah blah inflexible blah blah blah homosexuality, divorce, women priests blah blah blah Vatican crackdown, etc. blah blah."...

Já nem o autor acredita nos media americanos....para serem suficientemente papistas !

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