sábado, maio 28, 2011

Portugal's Bailout : reinventing the wheel, ou quem quer casar com esta carochinha?

A leitura desta análise levanta as piores ameaças e suspeitas. Quem é que será tão irresponsável para cavalgar esta tempestade? Nomeadamente no estado mental dos partidos da Oposição? E atendendo às suas Agendas de classe e de irresponsabilidade social? Quem é que quererá casar com esta carochinha?

1 - "First, there is no discussion of the causes of this crisis, what led Portugal to this situation. It is like going to a doctor seriously ill, and coming back with no diagnosis of the illness but instead with 222 different prescriptions (the number of main action items in the MoU which runs to 34 pages, or roughly twice the length of action items in Greece and Ireland’s MoUs), hoping that some of the medicaments will work. They won’t. The patient’s health will worsen.
2 - "The idea substantiated in the MoU that an entire country can be reengineered - notwithstanding its faults, the World’s 38th biggest economy - based on a 3-week 34-page outline is remarkable. The agreement seeks to reinvent the wheel and in the meantime destroy what does work. This treatment of Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal is beginning to seem like the West’s version of China’s Great Leap Forward: impossible targets based on but pure ideology. It is simply too sad to watch."

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Rogério Pereira disse...

Eu acho que isto só pode ser um texto plagiado do Nobel da economia. Ele diz isto mesmo... Sabia?