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Os idiotas úteis que reproduzem sem critério a propaganda sionista

não passam de tamborzinhos a desempenhar o papel de ressonância da máquina de propaganda que controla praticamente toda a media internacional.
Em especial dentro dos EUA, onde a manipulação é permanente.
Aos que pretendem comparar as vítimas aos algozes, aconselho uma leitura deste texto que bem demonstra a mentira e a desproporção dos meios militares, informativos, económicos e de puro sadismo racista, de que Israel não tem pudor em deitar mão:
"The images of two women on the front page of an edition of The Washington Post last week illustrates how mainstream US media has been reporting Israel's war on Gaza.
On the left was a Palestinian mother who had lost five children. On the right was a nearly equally sized picture of an Israeli woman who was distressed by the fighting, according to the caption. As the Palestinian woman cradled the dead body of one child, another infant son, his face blackened and disfigured with bruises, cried beside her.
The Israeli woman did not appear to be wounded in any way but also wept.
Arab frustration
To understand the frustration often felt in the Arab world over US media coverage, one only needs to imagine the same front page had the situation been reversed.
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If an Israeli woman had lost five daughters in a Palestinian attack, would The Washington Post run an equally sized photograph of a relatively unharmed Palestinian woman, who was merely distraught over Israeli missile fire?
When the front page photographs of the two women were published on December 30, over 350 Palestinians had reportedly been killed compared to just four Israelis. What if 350 Israelis had been killed and only four Palestinians - would the newspaper have run the stories side by side as if equal in news value?
Like many major news organisations in the US, The Washington Post has chosen to cover the conflict from a perspective that reflects the US government's relationship with Israel. This means prioritising Israel's version of events while underplaying the views of Palestinian groups.
For example, the newspaper's lead article on Tuesday, which was published above the mothers' photographs, quotes Israeli military and civilian sources nine times before quoting a single Palestinian. The first seven paragraphs explain Israel's military strategy. The ninth paragraph describes the anxiety among Israelis, spending evenings in bomb shelters. Ordinary Palestinians, who generally have no access to bomb shelters, do not make an appearance until the 23rd paragraph.
To balance this top story, The Washington Post published another article on the bottom half of the front page about the Palestinian mother and her children. But would the paper have ever considered balancing a story about a massive attack on Israelis with an in-depth lead piece on the strategy of Palestinian militants?"
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Ainda há quem queira fazer como o WPost: Comparar a dor de uma mãe que perdeu todos os seus 5 filhos com uma nervosa israelita que ficou perturbada com a queda d eum roquet la sua vila...
Comparar os horrores das mortes e da carnificina generalizada entre civis, com uma noite mal dormida num abrigo...constitui uma monstruosidade sem nome e uma provocação que só pode despoletar violentas acções dos que nada mais têm a perder!

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