quarta-feira, junho 08, 2011

Directamente do outro lado do Atlântico

"I know that the election results must be causing a lot of frustration. But if this is of any consolation, the Portuguese are not alone when it comes to making irrational choices. The most insidious aspect of western democracy is that makes it impossible to identify the enemy. Everything is so complex and opaque that making meaningful choices is beyond the ability of most (if not all) persons. In this vacuum, the most manipulative and dishonest always win. A sure way of predicting the winner of an election is to determine who spews out the most negativity. Positive messages do not stick to people’s minds because they are always more nuanced and require a lot more thinking. The right operates in a black and white world where explanations are not necessary. Everything is either a sound bite or a cliché with the intent of appealing to the most basic instincts and fears. Considering what is happening everywhere, they have been rather successful. However, in the not so distant future, even the crap made in China will be too expensive for us to buy because all the money in the world will be in the pockets of the top 1%. I do not get the long term plan of the western elites, unless their current push for complete control is a last ditch attempt at postponing the inevitable. "

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