sexta-feira, junho 03, 2011

A nova religião Europeia : O Neo-Liberalismo

Quando os ricos e os poderosos comem e bebem, e partilham entre si os prémios do seu orgulho, e da muita cobiça, bem podem tremer os menos afortunados!

Tem graça que Sócrates não esteve presente em Aachen...

"The other analogy with Charlemagne is that just as he sought to impose his religious views on the “heathens”, Trichet is also seeking to impose another religion on the people of Europe – neo-liberalism. It is a religion that has failed to provide succour to those who have had to endure it. It works well for the “priests” as all religion seem to. But it is imposing harshness and calamity on the rest. Anyway, in Aachen yesterday, it was another one of those days when the elites wine and dine well together and hand out prizes to each other."
..."A group of citizens in Aachen set up a prize – – in 1949, which they say was intended to advance the aim of “integrating West Germany into a supranational Europe” after the appalling behaviour of the Germans during the Second World War. It was initially conceived as the “Charlemagne Prize of the City of Aachen” and was to be awarded “for service in the cause of West European unification, world peace and humanity.
If you read back through the documents you see strong religious (Roman Catholic) overtones which was consistent with Charlemagne’s imposition of Christianity (Roman Pope-style) on whoever he conquered. This was a strongly anti-muslim period in Europe. What changes?"
( Ler o artigo todo. É imperdível)

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