sábado, abril 10, 2010

Más notícias, agora do Canadá

Andrew Sullivan:
I didn't mean my quick link to a new sex abuse scandal in Canada to imply that this had not happened before. In fact, of course, Canada has had two decades of dealing with child and minor abuse at the hands of the Catholic hierarchy. Canadians know what the Germans and Irish have only recently come to terms with. A reader writes:
"When I read the news about what was going on in Ireland and Canada I was reminded of Canada’s Indian residential school system and how Catholic priests preyed on Canada’s Aboriginal
children for decades. There was also the revolting history of Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland and Labrador which housed children who were looked after by pederast Catholic brothers.
In Canada we have had Royal Commissions of Inquiry and criminal cases into these matters and I believe a few years ago the Pope had an audience in private with some of the survivors of the Indian residential school system. Amazingly in 1992 the CBC aired a movie called the Boys of St. Vincent which was based on the Mount Cashel orphanage. I saw it on TV 18 years ago and it was disturbing"
E é esta gente que nos quer impôr uma moral e uma sexualidade católicas?
De facto temos que aceitar a evidência: São "especialistas" em sexo e em crimes a que chamam pecados!

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