sábado, maio 24, 2008

The Great American Desasterous Democracy

A concorrente "democrata", Hillary Clinton, de cabecinha perdida, mais os seus midle-american-class, em vista de propostas firmes de Obama e ,em desespero, teve o arrojo de se pronunciar sobre um eventual "acidente" que não permitisse a Obama continuar a corrida contra o conservador McCain.

É verdade. Afirmou que só continuava na corrida que já perdeu, porque no caso do seu colega de partido ser assassinado,... ela estaria disposta a continuar !

Parece mentira, mas é verdade. Assassinado! Ela põe essa hipótese, já em Junho.

Não sei o que admirar mais, se a capacidade de antecipação , se a falta de escrúpulos!

É ver:

"The Washington Post leads with Hillary Clinton sticking her foot in her mouth big-time by mentioning the June 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy as a reason she's not ending her nearly hopeless campaign for the Democratic nomination. The other papers front or tease the story as well. The Los Angeles Times leads with a new poll indicating that California voters favor Barack Obama over Republican John McCain in a general election. The New York Times leads with the sentencing of 270 illegal immigrants rounded up in a raid on an Iowa meatpacking plant.
Hillary Clinton apologized for her assassination statement within hours of making it. The WP emphasizes the notion that the morbid remark undercuts speculation that Clinton wants to wind up on a joint ticket with Obama. The NYT credits the New York Post for first reporting the gaffe and notes the speed with which outraged comments piled up on the Internet. The Times also notices that Clinton made almost this exact same statement to Time magazine back in March. "
Esta a América dos direitos e das liberdades que querem impor ao mundo!

E é ler as reacções por todo o lado:
""My Husband Did Not Wrap Up The Nomination" Until June ... "Bobby Kennedy Was Assassinated In June" ... THE REACTION: Clinton Regrets If Comments Were Misunderstood... NYT: "Inexcusable Outburst" Followed By "One Of Those Tedious Non-Apology Apologies"... Time: "Strange And Tasteless"... Andrew Sullivan: Clinton Just Imploded... Howard Fineman: "A Campaign That Probably Needs To Be Put Out Of Its Misery Real Soon"... WATCH: Olbermann On Clinton: 'You Invoked A Nightmare'...


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