domingo, novembro 16, 2008

Parece que sempre tinha razão para dizer que as próximas notícias vindas dos EUA seriam muito favoráveis ao Governo Socialista em Portugal

Segundo o NYTimes:
Obama Wants to Pay Teachers What They’re Worth
Obama quer pagar aos professores em função da sua avaliação!
By Stephen J. Dubner
"It sounds as if Barack Obama has been listening to some economists (maybe even Austan Goolsbee): he has come out in favor of merit pay for schoolteachers.
From an A.P. article:
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama told the largest teachers union Thursday that performance-based merit pay ought to be considered in public schools.
Teachers at the National Education Association’s annual convention have expressed concerns about merit pay, which is gaining favor with lawmakers, including those currently rewriting the No Child Left Behind law."