segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2005

O Aquecimento e a Discussão Global

Já não bastava o Sócrates, o Katrina e os antiamericanos primários , vêm agora os secundários e os terciários, nas vozes mais autorizadas dos comentadores americanos, encher o saco do Pacheco Pereira: Ler e meditar.
O resto são diques derrubados, corpos a boiar e New Orleans semi destruída:

Jeremy Rifkin: The Controversy After the Storm
From: <>Published on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 by The Chosun (Korea)
Global Warming Hits New Orleans: The Controversy After the Storm
by Jeremy Rifkin
First the deafening roar of Katrina bearing down at 145 miles per hour on the gulf coast of the United States. Now the eerie silence, as victims wash ashore and out to sea. And in the aftermath, it seems that all of official Washington is holding its breath, less the dirty little secret gets out: that Katrina is the entropy bill for increasing CO2 emissions and global warming. The scientists have been warning us for years. They said to keep our eyes on the Caribbean where the dramatic effects of climate change are first likely to show up in the form of more severe and even catastrophic hurricanes. Indeed. Over the course of the past several years, hurricane activity and intensity has picked up in the Caribbean basin. Now the killer storm Katrina has hit with a vengeance, exacting incomprehensible devastation on a wide swath of the southeastern portion of the United States.
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