sábado, novembro 12, 2005

Olha eles a tirarem o corpo fora !

Agora são os próprios "Bispos" da Igreja do Bush que acham que foram enganados e se enganaram no apoio que deram à invasão do Iraque.

Aqui em Portugal os JPPs, os PP sem Js, os Durões Barrosos, os Marques Mendes e mais inomináveis, ainda têm muito para se arrependerem; O tempo é que vai sendo cada vez menos...
Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity'
Thursday, November 10, 2005
By Kaukab Jhumra Smith

WASHINGTON — Ninety-five bishops from President Bush's church said Thursday they repent their "complicity" in the "unjust and immoral" invasion and occupation of Iraq.
"In the face of the United States administration's rush toward military action based on misleading information, too many of us were silent," said a statement of conscience signed by more than half of the 164 retired and active United Methodist bishops worldwide.
President Bush is a member of the
United Methodist Church, according to various published biographies. The White House did not return a request for comment on the bishops' statement.
Although United Methodist leadership has opposed the Iraq war in the past, this is the first time that individual bishops have confessed to a personal failure to publicly challenge the buildup to the war.
The signatures were also an instrument for retired bishops to make their views known, said bishop Joseph H. Yeakel, who served in the Baltimore-Washington area from 1984 to 1996. The current bishop for the Baltimore-Washington area,
John R. Schol, also signed the statement.
The statement avoids making accusations, said retired Bishop Kenneth L. Carder, instructor at Duke University's divinity school and an author of the document

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