quarta-feira, junho 25, 2008

Este homem é já uma surpresa !

Segundo o NYTimes, Barak Obama pediu hoje aos seus apoiantes que procedam a uma recolha de fundos para aliviar Hillary Clinton das dívidas que contraiu ...na campanha contra ele próprio!:
Obama Asks Funders to Relieve Clinton’s Debt
By Jeff Zeleny
Senator Barack Obama asked his leading fund-raisers in a conference call today to lend a hand to retire the campaign debt of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
This week has been designated as the coming together for Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. As a prelude to their first appearance on Thursday evening in Washington, Mr. Obama asked his donors to begin pitching in to whittle away at Mrs. Clinton’s debt.
A senior Democrat said tonight that Mr. Obama asked, but did not demand, that his leading contributors help pay off debt of more than $11 million for Mrs. Clinton. It will be done, bit by bit, at chunks of $2,300 or less.

Extraordinário !

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