terça-feira, junho 17, 2008

Isto hoje não está nada bem

Ou a persistência do racismo, por outros meios:
O Diário do Povo de Pequim, República Popular da China , referência e farol de muita esquerdalhada, atira-se a Barak Obama pelas piores razões: A sua cor de pele e os "serviços" a que a mesma o "obrigaria", caso fosse eleito:

"The skin color of Senator Barack Obama poses the greatest focus of attention in the ongoing U.S. presidential election campaign this year.

This Democratic nominee with half of the blood from the African stock in his veins has been commended as the "star of change", who now seems to look especially dazzling and splendid with his victory in the recent primaries.

The Times of London saw Obama's victory as evidence that "the United States remains a land of opportunity."

"This moment's significance is the resounding proof of the truism about America as a land of opportunity:

Mr. Obama's opportunity to graduate from Harvard and take Washington by storm," it wrote.It said that his victory also demonstrates "the opportunity that the world's most responsive democratic system gives its voters to be inspired by an unknown; the opportunity that outsiders now have to re-assess the superpower that too many of them love to hate.

One of the causes for the Western media to lavish overpraises onto Obama is owed to his (skin) color, and the other cause is the change that he may bring to American society. Hence, it could be the best and most ideal annotation of the "American dream" if the image of the United States is hopefully to alter with the election of a young black president.

Indeed, Sen. Barak Obama does not at all represent the white Anglo-Saxon protestants (WASP), those who belong to the group of middle- and upper-class Americans descended from the British or Northern European settlers, generally regarded as the traditional dominant or privileged group in the U.S.

His success, nevertheless, is because he does not underscore his racial features, and has even intentionally drawn a clear line with those radical blacks.

So, it can be said that Obama triumphs either because of his skin color or not because of it.

He has a different skin color (with whites) but shares the "same American background".

Obama represents a superb talent or gifted graduate from a top-rate American university, and he is the representative of the racial merging rather than a symbol for assimilation.

So his rise has not done away with privileges for the white Americans but reinforces their privileges on the contrary" ( ler mais )

Nem sei o que pensar de tanto preconceito e tanta "análise" racista e idealista.
O que digo e repito é que estes comunistas chineses há muito esqueceram que, à época da ocupação colonial inglesa, estava interdita a entrada a chineses e a cães, nos Jardins Públicos de Xangai.

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